Read Comics in Public Day 2011

Hi, my name is Nicki, and welcome to Fangirl Wednesday!

The name “Fangirl Wedneday” arose from my almost-weekly meetings with one of best friends and fellow comics fangirl, Traci.  We would meet at our local comics shop on Wednedays when when we had new books to pick up.  After purchasing our books, we would go to dinner to read and discuss our new comics and other fandom stuff.  One of us (and I’m not sure which one any longer) started referring to these meetings as “Fangirl Wedneday”, and the name or acronym “FGW” stuck.

I’ve been a passionate geek my entire life.  As a kid, my favorite things were Star Wars, Wonder Woman and The Muppet Show.  Not much has changed except I’ve picked up other fandoms along the way.  I’ve been a gamer since my Mom bought me an Atari 2600 and 13″ black and white TV for my bedroom for Christmas.

When not reading or gaming, I can be found watching hockey non-stop or taking photos with my trusty Nikon D5100.