Nicki Is A Podperson

Hi, it’s Lin – Nicki’s hubby. She is busy studying for grad school, so I told her I’d update her website for her.

She has officially finished her first year of her Masters program at the U of M, and is doing great! Super proud of her grades and what all she is juggling these days. She is the smart…


During the pandemic, she helped me start a new podcast- “Drawing Funny“. She’s really taught me a lot of techy stuffs since we’ve been together, and a good bit this past year or so. I’ve had her on a few episodes of my podcast, and you can listen to each of them below.

Show Notes: This time I’m doing a flashback episode featuring a Rogues Radio Podcast interview I did with my wife Nicki Workman at the 2018 Memphis Comic Expo (DonnieCon). Nicki and I have attended many cons together- both as fans, guests, and/or vendors.



Show Notes: Nicki Workman joins Lin to discuss all of the Star WarsMarvel, and many other announcements by Disney on their recent investors mouse call“. Lots to discuss, so sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy!


Show Notes: Greetings, listeners! While doing a test flight on Zoom to try and work out some issues I’ve been having, I hit the record button and did an interview with my live-in tech support person- my wife, Nicki Workman. We talk toons, tech, podcasts, her experiences with backing crowdfunding as a fan, her comics origin stories, her going back to school while working from home- and how we met thanks to Darth Vader and Star Wars. I also mention some Mid-South Cartoonists Association news and give you the details for our first “Drawing Funny” contest (listen to win MSCA Zines, Samurai tee by me, and some MSCA and Drawing Funny swag). Nicki’s other Drawing Funny episodes are Episode 9 – “Nicki’s Mouse Report and a Flashback Friday interview at the 2018 DonnieCon on Episode 4 – “Drawn Of The Dead. Don’t forget to also check out the recent Sal “Uncle Sal” AbbinantiDave Dwonch, and Steve Bryant episodes (Ep.1415, & 16). Congrats on their Kickstater campaigns. I’ve listed links to them in the show notes for each of those episodes. I hope you’re staying safe, staying warm, and staying tooned!


Show Notes: I did another interview with my live-in tech support person- my wife, Nicki Workman. We talked about what it’s like to live with an artist like me- the pros and cons, and being a spouse of a pro at cons. During our conversation she shared some of her experiences of dealing with me and other artists/creators, her thoughts on making a marriage work (so far so good for us!), convention memories, her photography endeavors, going back to school, as well as dropping some useful business knowledge for artists and those who live and/or work with one. Nicki’s other Drawing Funny episodes are Episode 17 – “I.T. Phone HomeEpisode 9 – “Nicki’s Mouse Report and a Flashback Friday interview at the 2018 DonnieCon on Episode 4 – “Drawn Of The Dead. I always enjoy talking toons with my wife, and I hope you enjoy this episode. Waiting to hear back from some upcoming guests and am hoping to get back on a more regular schedule soon. Until then, stay tooned!

Nicki will be on future “Drawing Funny” episodes- as her schedule allows. I’ll post them here as they are edited.

Oh, and back in December we both were on the Supergirl Radio podcast.

In honor of Melissa Benoist and her brave story of surviving domestic violence, Supergirl Radio goes LIVE [and WIRED] to raise money for RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States) with listener-led segments about the Super Pets, Legal Fails, the Danvers Sisters, and a Supergirl Safety Audit.

The fundraising goal was $300 and because of the generosity of our listeners, we raised over $1,000! You can still donate to RAINN by visiting

Watch the livestream:
Listen to the podcast:

You can listen to us discuss Super-pets towards the beginning of the show. You can subscribe and listen to Supergirl Radio or Drawing Funny just about anywhere you like to download podcasts.

I just made a new promo spot for the Drawing Funny” podcast. You can click the player below to listen to it.

I’m going to try to help Nicki keep her site updated while she concentrates on work, school, and homework..!


Nicki Is A Podperson

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