RIP Yvonne Craig

I was settling into my office this morning when my husband’s text reached me that Yvonne Craig had passed away.  She was many things, but most remember her as the kick-ass, smart and beautiful Barbara Gordon/Batgirl on the 1960’s Batman TV show.

Cover for Detective Comics #359 - the comics debut of Batgirl
Cover for Detective Comics #359 – the comics debut of Batgirl


The show had long been cancelled by the time I was born, but I was introduced to her via syndication.  I could watch the exploits of Batgirl every afternoon, and I was always disappointed when the episode didn’t feature Batgirl.

Yvonne Craig Batgirl by Lin Workman. Used with permission.

The exploits of Yvonne Craig’s Barbara Gordon and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman formed the basis for my childhood fandom and gave me role models.  These weren’t damsels in distress or the love interests.  They were big-damn heroes.  They, more often that not, saved the guys.  They were smart and not ashamed to show their intelligence or their compassion.

As an adult, discovering Barbara Gordon’s rebirth as Oracle sparked my renewed interest in comics.

I never got to meet Ms. Craig, but my husband did.  He has always raved about how sweet and friendly she was.

Few have had the impact on generations of girls that she did.  Batgirl lives on to inspire future generations, and for that, we all owe Yvonne Craig a huge debt.


RIP Yvonne Craig
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