DC tired of turning the other cheek?

DC’s official blog posted a letter this morning from John Rood, VP of Marketing, as a precursor to the New 52 launch this week.  In it, he takes a rare shot at Marvel:

Many in the industry are under the wrong impression that we want to “win the month” at all costs with sales of DC Comics – The New 52.  Sure, we’d love to get our books into more hands than ever before, profitably.  But it’s most important that any industry growth comes in an additive manner, so that all publishers may succeed.  To be clear – DC is not a market-share-chaser.  If we were, we would not be creating a quality lasting direction across a controlled number of titles.  We would instead be flooding the market with over 200 titles a month, changing your prices with abandon, killing off a character every quarter or so, and/or randomly announcing decimal-pointed event-ish thingies.  We haven’t.


DC tired of turning the other cheek?
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