Birds News

The Source has posted several bits of Birds-related news today.

First comes word that Jesus Saiz will be new regular ongoing artist beginning with Issue #12.


The lack of consistent art from issue to issue (and often within the same issue) has been my only complaint with the Birds relaunch.  I know that Gail mentioned that unforeseen circumstances arose, and I’m certainly not throwing stones at the artists.  I feel this is mismanagement at the Editorial level, and it’s not confined to just Birds of Prey.  It appears that production schedules are too compacted and allow no time to recover and hit deadlines if issues arise.  I make my living as a Product Manager, which involved managing multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously, so I know firsthand how difficult it can be.  Why not build spare inventory of a couple of issues to allow for such circumstances?

They also give us a sneak peak at Saiz’ cover for Issue #12.  I don’t think anyone really believed that DC was going to kill Babs in the current “Death of Oracle” storyline, but I don’t know if showing this cover with Babs front and center was a good idea.

I like Jesus Saiz’ art, so I’m happy to see him come aboard.  Good luck, Jesus!


Next up is the preview of Birds of Prey #8, which is out today.  I’ll note that Guillem March is the artist for this issue.  If I remember correctly, the solicitation listed Ardian Syaf as the artist.

I think I’ve already beat this horse, so moving on…


Lastly, we have the cover for Birds of Prey #12, scheduled for release in April.  I approve of this cover!

Birds News
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