The Most “Wonder”ful Time of the Year

Christmas has come and gone, and I hope that each of you had a very happy holiday.  I received more items for my Fangirl Room, courtesy of my fiancee.  This is a pic of just the Wonder Woman stuff.

One of the coolest things I received was the Wonder Woman picture frame, and Lin printed a picture of Gail Simone and I from MidSouthCon to go in it.

I also LOVE the Batgirl baseball cap he got for me.

The girls, Jarael and Harley, enjoyed their Christmas goodies, too.

As a present to myself, I bought a new computer last night.  My old one was about 10 years old and dying by inches.  I’m looking forward to blogging more in 2011 with a more reliable computer now in my possession.

The Most “Wonder”ful Time of the Year
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