Thoughts on DC’s Feb. 2011 Solicitations

DC’s February 2011 solicits have hit the internet.  The things that struck me as I read them:

  • February is a good month to be Dustin Nguyen.  He is credited with interiors on 2 books (Batgirl and Streets of Gotham) and 6 covers (JL: Generation Lost, Batman Beyond, Streets of Gotham, Batgirl and Superman 80-pg Giant).
  • Damn, there are alot of Batbooks.
  • DC really likes to use the same art team to draw the interiors and the cover.  It happens 24 times in the month of February.
  • There are 8 books where the title character(s) are female.
  • My favorite cover is:


Thoughts on DC’s Feb. 2011 Solicitations
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