I read comics in public

From all accounts, the inaugural International Read Comics in Public Day was a success.  Check out all of the cool photos at:

Read Comics in Public Flickr Pool

Women Read Comics in Public

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It doesn’t and shouldn’t end here, folks.  Each of us should continue to display our love for the comics medium at every opportunity. Harley Quinn has created a Facebook group “for women of all stripes & statuses – trans or cis, differently-abled, PWD or able, all sexual orientations, from all races and backgrounds, of all shapes and sizes, no matter what you do for a job or what your class status – to create local clusters of public-comic reading awesomeness!”

The incredibly awesome Gail Simone posted a great response to the day and called on the comics industry to take note of the number of women, young and old, that are reading comics.  Gail, as always, said it much better than I could have:

Take a good look because these women are a huge part of our shared future. If doing the right thing because it’s right isn’t enough motivation, then do it for purely selfish reasons, because the female audience is out there, and those publishers smart enough to realize that will benefit while others do not.  People like Joss Whedon, Greg Rucka, Brian Bendis, Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, Stephanie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Brian Lee O’Malley, Terry Moore, Brian Vaughan, Allan Heinberg, and many more already know the buying and buzz-creating power of the female readership. It is no longer hypothetical. It requires no more proof than the repeated successes of these people.

Thanks to Brian Heater and Sarah Morean for creating and promoting the day and to dcwomenkickingass for spearheading the Women Read Comics in Public initiative.

I read comics in public

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