Knight Errant posted an interview today with my friend John Jackson Miller regarding his upcoming Star Wars comic series and novel, Star Wars: Knight Errant.

Knight Errant was announced a few months ago following the cancellation of the comic series that made me into a comics fangirl, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but details have been few and far between.  John gave a bit more info about our “lone female Jedi” protagonist, Kerra Holt, and the state of the Galaxy, Far, Far Away during the Knight Errant timeframe in the interview.

I like the character design for Kerra.  It is reminiscent of the design for Jarael in KotOR – attractive but not comic book proportions.  Also highly capable and able to administer a butt-whipping.  Female Star Wars fans now have another cosplaying alternative to Slave Leia!

Per the interview, the first issue is set for release on October 13.  This series has been on my pull list since it was announced, so I’m very excited!

Knight Errant
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