Fangirls want to spend money, too

Newsarama posted an article today discussing the growth of “fangirls” in the Star Wars fandom and the launch of Her Universe this week.  Memo to the article’s author:  there have been legions of female Star Wars fans since 1977; no one has bothered to actively market their products to us.

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Anakin’s padawan Ahsoka in The Clone Wars Animated Series, has launched a line of Star Wars merchandise specifically designed for and marketed to women called Her Universe.  In interviews, she has stated that she was shocked when she joined the Star Wars ranks by the lack of female-friendly merchandise.  This complaint has been echoed by women for years (myself included), so this is a welcome addition.  My hope is that Disney and Warner Brothers are paying attention.  Selling a pink t-shirt with a picture of <<insert hero’s name here>> is NOT marketing to women; it’s called laziness.

The Her Universe online store is open and features designs by Dave Filoni and fan-favorite artist Katie Cook, with more promised.

Go forth and purchase a t-shirt, you will!

Fangirls want to spend money, too
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