The Pull List – 5/26/2010

Tomorrow is Fangirl Wednesday!  Let’s take a look and see what I’ll be purchasing.

Zatanna #1 – I know that it came out last week, but I didn’t have an opportunity to go by the comic shop and pick it up.

Power Girl #12 – Sigh.  I’ve really enjoyed this book, but I’m dropping it after this week’s issue due to the departure of Gray / Palmiotti / Conner.

Star Wars: Legacy #48 – Dammit, I’m still angry that Dark Horse has cancelled this title.  It will end with issue #50 in July.

Wonder Woman #44 – The last issue of Gail’s run.  I’m not sold on JMS taking over this title, but I’m willing to give him a few months unless DC jacks the price up to $3.99.

The Pull List – 5/26/2010
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